I came home from my shift exhausted today. My feet hurt and my brain was tired. That’s usually how it is. I think most of you understand that.

The last thing I wanted to do was to open up my Alphasmart and write some fiction. So, I talked to my husband for a while. I browsed Facebook for an hour (ok, two).

And then I just did it. I opened up my Neo and picked up where I’d left off. Just like that.

I’m not saying it is easy. But if you want to get the words on the page the only way to do it is to write them.

Like Yoda says, “There is not try. There is Do or Do Not.”

So, I did.

I wrote just over 1600 words today. I told myself that I only had to write a scene. But I wrote that scene and two more. Because that is the cool thing about words. Once you start, you can easily just keep going.

Tell yourself you only have to write 50 words. Or 100 or whatever is a small amount for you. And if you just can’t come up with more words after that, you can stop. But chances are, once you get your small little amount written, you’ll find that you have some more words in you and who knows where that will go.

I’ve updated my progress for Client Story #1 in the sidebar but here’s the individual story progress today:

Client Short Story #1
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