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I am so frustrated.

I haven’t done hardly any writing for myself in weeks.  I sit down to write and it’s just such a chore.  I likely have four or five works in progress, a dozen story ideas, and I don’t want to write even one of them.  None of them appeal to me.  I’m not attached or invested in the characters or the stories at all.

I think I might just scrap them all.

But the fact that I’m not writing anything – nothing for myself – is pissing me off to no end.  Because writing is the only thing that I have ever wanted to do in my life.

Every night I think about writing.  I think about how much I want to write something great.  And sometimes, I do try.  But mostly, I don’t.  I just get mad at myself.

Maybe I need to change directions completely.  Quit trying to make money.  Just write something that I will enjoy writing.  Write in a new genre.

Write something like what I want to read.

This sounds familiar.  Did I blog about this before?

Sometimes being a writer sucks.



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