Wow, I haven’t updated in ages. I guess I’ve been a little bit busy.

I’ve been working on this hyperlocal site that I have. I’ve been putting more effort into getting fash content on the site and getting some good results. It’s actually kinda cool because although I plan on optimizing it with local ads, I am only using Adsense right now and my earnings have increased by about 400%! Disclaimer – they weren’t that high to start with.   But it’s encouraging.

One of the things that is helping is the Facebook page. When I started this a couple weeks ago I had just over 700 likes. Now I’m up to 750 likes and it is growing every day.  And I get amazing reach – usually a minimum of 50% but some posts are reaching 3000 people or more! If you have a Facebook page you know how amazing that is.

So I’m going to keep working it. If all goes well by the end of next month I’ll be able to actively Starr looking for local businesses to advertise!

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