That’s right. Day off. Day before my kids get here for Thanksgiving weekend. Last chance to get stuff done. What have I done?

Not a damn thing.

It’s all Tiffany Jenkins fault.

Seriously, if I hadn’t stumbled across her blog I’d likely be done cleaning and ready to relax for the night. But no – instead I have to hustle my ass and clean and get a little bit of writing done before I can do that.

I don’t even know how I found her blog. I certainly wasn’t looking for something to kill time (ok, maybe I was a little bit). I must have found a link on Facebook (which I was only on for a few minutes – ok, a few hundred minutes) but once I started reading her story “Two Faced – My Secret Life” I couldn’t stop. And dammit if there is more to read! She just hasn’t written it yet.That’s ok. I subscribed to email updates. I hate email updates but sometimes it is worth it ya know? And Tiffany’s story is worth it.

Ok, I don’t want to give too much away but I will tell you this – her stories are real and the way she writes them….well, it is riveting. I feel like I’m ripping her off or something because her story really should be on Amazon where she should get paid for it.

She has another story on her blog that is complete (120 Days – My Time In Jail) which I would love to start tonight but if I start reading that now my children will show up to find a dirty bathroom and poop beside the cat litter boxes because Princess thinks if there is poop already in the box that it is not worthy of her poop. So, I won’t

Anyway. Her blog and her series are awesome so you should go read it but be warned – you won’t want to stop!

But that makes me think… (cause y’all know how I love to think) …should I start a series on here just for me readers? Something free to give you all a taste of what I write? Hmmmm…I do have something that I was thinking of doing that with…

What do y’all think?

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