If you find yourself with extra time/space in your life because you suddenly have an empty nest, it might be a good time to think back to your child hood. What did you want to be when you grew up? An artist? A writer? A politician? An astronaut? A cowboy?

The thing is, we often put those things aside for more “realistic” career options. Or maybe we just didn’t have the money to invest in the training required for that career.  But now, we have time to learn, to grow, and try new things so maybe it is the perfect opportunity to explore those options.

When I was young there were two things I wanted to be:

  1. A figure skater
  2. A writer

Now, figure skating is not really an option for me, nor is it something I even remotely want to do.  I don’t have the build for it anymore. LOL.
The last time I put on a pair of skates and got on the ice, I immediately wanted off the ice and out of those skates! It was not even close to comfortable and no where near as fun as I remembered it being.

But writing – I’ve been dabbling with that on and off all of my life.  I have had a successful career as a freelance writer – writing blog posts and articles for other people – but I want to write for me now.  I want to write fiction.

I have been writing fiction over the past few years but I haven’t put all of my effort into it.  I write ebooks (stories really) and sell them on Amazon.  Most of them are under a pen name but you can find my fiction and non-fiction books on Amazon under Danielle McGaw (non-fiction) and Dani Gibbings (fiction and poetry).

I added up my total Amazon income for the last year (for these names and for my pen names) and I was quite happy to find that I had made $2625.85 over the past year.  Certainly not riches but I am making money.  And that’s not horrible considering that I haven’t really published very much in the past year so the past 6 months or so of earnings were mostly residual (meaning that I earned from work that I did a long time ago).

I plan to do a lot more writing this year and I am hoping to see that income grow substantially!

But my point is not about writing.  My point is that when we think about making money in our empty nest years and finding ways to fill our time/space the answer might be in what we wanted to be when we grew up.

Maybe if you wanted to be a cowboy you could take some horseback riding lessons.  Or if you already know how to ride a horse and care for a horse maybe you could get a job grooming and training horses or giving lessons.  If you wanted to be a hockey player and you haven’t been on the ice much in the past few years, you could join a hockey team or a ringette team.  There are women all over the world of all different ages that are loving sports after their children move out.  There are many options that  you could consider that are related to what your career goals were when you were a child.

You don’t have to change jobs or enroll in school necessarily (although it may be an option if the financial resources are there!) but there can be little ways that you can fulfill your dreams.  You might embrace it as a hobby, a side job, or even a new career.

So? What did you want to be when you grew up? And how can you explore that career option today?

Picture from Pixabay; edited with PicMonkey

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