One of the most awesome things about having an empty nest is that you now have the time to do things you want to do – like travelling!

Oh, wait, that costs money, doesn’t it.  Even the shortest trip will cost gas money and then there’s food and if you’re gone for more than a day you’ll need to pay for a hotel.  It’s sucky when you realize that you simply can’t afford it.

But don’t give up.  Even if you have a regular job there are lots of little ways that you can earn some extra money that you can put aside to save for those things that you want to do that are outside your budget.

I realize that not everyone is great at using the computer and techy type of stuff so I want to start with non-computer stuff. This is stuff that most of us can do without too much of a problem.  I’ll give some computer ideas in a future post.

Make Extra Cash no computer

Here’s a few ideas (and I’ll be expanding on some of these in future posts):

#1 Babysitting – if you love kids and you really miss your own, why not offer babysitting services (in your home or in theirs)? Teenage babysitters make pretty decent money but people will often pay a higher fee for a responsible, experienced adult.  If you work during the day you could offer your services during the evening or even over-nights.  Over-nights pay even more.  If you have the extra space (a couple of beds) you can offer over-night care.

Note: New Years Eve is just around the corner and you can ask for even higher payment!

#2 Cleaning Homes – Can you get lost in a cleaning binge?  There are many people that will pay you to come and to things like vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the bathroom and some will pay for you to come and clean on a regular basis.  Pick up one or two clients and the money will add up quickly.  This is a relatively low-cost side job or no cost side job because most people will supply the cleaning supplies for you.

#3 Cooking/Baking – If you love to cook or bake, why not make a little extra money with it? This is especially a good option for people that already do bulk cooking.  It’s a great time saver, if you’re already doing it for yourself.  Instead of cooking 5 meals, double your recipe and cook 10 of the same meal and sell the rest.  Have them supply the containers or buy disposable containers and add it to your cost.  Baking is good, too.  Not just for individuals but for offices and businesses.  If a business has a meeting once a week, maybe you can get on contract to supply cookies and muffins for the meetings instead of them picking up the stuff from a cafe or bakery.

#4 Pet Sitting – Its almost time for people to start getting away for vacations to warmer areas so offer to stop at their house once or twice a day to feed and water the pet and play with it a bit.

#5 Advertising – Do you drive a car or other vehicle that is in decent shape?  Offer businesses an advertising opportunity. They can have a decal made up to place on your car doors so that people can see it when you drive around town.  You can promise them a certain amount of exposure each day during busy hours if you like.

#6 Lawn care – Shovel snow or mow lawns.  It’s not just for kids.  Plus it’s a great way to get some exercise.

#7 Dog Walking – Lots of people own dogs and just don’t have time to get them out for a walk as often as they need to.  If you are not afraid of dogs and are comfortable with animals, why not offer to help people out.  Again, it’s a great opportunity to get some exercise and if you go for walks often anyway you can get two things done at once.

#8 Party Planner – Are you the type of person that loves to put together events? Love to make lists, call people, send out invitations, decorate?  Then you might be a great party planner.  Lots of people love to entertain but don’t like organizing things quite as much.  Take some pressure off of them and earn a bit of extra money for yourself.

#9 Bartender/Hostess – While we are talking about parties, if you know how to make drinks, you can offer to be a bartender at people’s parties.  It’s a fun job if you don’t mind hustling a little bit. You could also help out at parties by taking people’s coats and serving appetizers.

#10 Catering – If you can cook you could cater for parties, too.  Come to their home, cook up an awesome meal, and serve it to their guests.

#11 Check Up on Elderly Relatives – Sometimes people have elderly family members that do not live in the same town or city as them.  Why not offer the service of checking up on them and spending time with them when their family members can’t be there.  You could make yourself available to stop in several times a week and make sure they are ok, pick up items they need from the store, chat with them, or even help do some household chores. They may already have caregivers that take care of most of their needs but some people might appreciate it if there is someone there to make sure that the caregivers are actually caring for their elderly relative!

#12 Help With Children’s Activities – Some families spend a lot of time at work and may not be able to get time off to drive their kids to practices and other activities that they are involved in.  If you have a safe vehicle and a good driving record, you could drive their kids to and from events and practices and the parents won’t have to worry about how the kids are getting back and forth.

#13 Personal Shopper – If you love buying stuff for people and you’re good at picking out presents, there may be people who would love to hire you to do birthday present shopping.  It’s a little late for Christmas this year but if you plan ahead you could do shopping for people next year.  People may also appreciate it if you can pick up supplies for birthday parties. You could even do grocery shopping for people.

#14 Errand Runner – Some days people just don’t  have time to get all the stuff done that they need to. You can pick up laundry, mail items, and various other tasks if you have a vehicle.

#15 Painter – are you good with a paintbrush? If you know how to mix paint and paint interiors you could offer to paint rooms in people’s homes for them.  If you’re artistic and can pain a mural you could even offer services painting murals. These are especially popular in children’s rooms.

#16 Handyman/woman – Good at fixing things/installing things? If you are you could offer your services to others that don’t want to pay the expensive fees of professsionals.

#17 Photography – If you already own a good camera, you could take pictures of families, kids, or pets.

#18 Sell stuff – This is a simple as it gets when it comes to making money.  Collect all that stuff you never use and sell it.  There’s so many options for selling stuff these days – Craigslist, eBay, Facebook Groups, and various apps.  If you live in Canada there’s also Kijij and

#19 Buy/Sell – Along the same line of thought you can buy used stuff, fix it up, and sell it.  If you’re good at fixing up appliances and furniture this can be a lucrative business as many people will give you their stuff just to get it out of the house!

#20 Direct Sales Businesses – Scentsy, Avon, Tupperware, Velata, Buskins – all of these direct sales businesses can be good money makers.  If you’re social and not afraid to put  yourself out there, you can make money by using and selling things you love.  There is usually an investment upfront but it can be well worth it, especially if you can find a business that is not common in your area.

#21 Consulting – If you’re educated and knowledgeable about a certain kind of business or something else you could be paid big money for consulting on projects! Do you consider yourself a professional or expert at something?

#22 Sewing/Knitting – If you have sewing or knitting skills you could be making stuff to order to sell.  I knew a woman who did well with selling custom made knit sweaters.  I had another friend that used to make costumes for plays and dance recitals and Halloween costumes.

#23 Tutoring – You can tutor high school students that need a little extra help with subjects like Math, Science, and English.  These basic subjects are the ones that students need help with most often but they may also need  help with History or Geography or other subjects.  Teachers often don’t have time to stay after school and give students the extra help they need so parents will often turn to a tutor for extra lessons.

#24 Teaching – If you can sing, play the piano, or play another instrument you can give lessons from your home or theirs.

#25 Wedding Planner – Weddings are a day that the bride and groom should look forward to but sometimes they need some extra help.  Give them a hand with planning the music, finding the right venue, a choosing the right caterer.

#26 Entertain – Can you sing? Be funny? Play an instrument? Something else? If there’s something you can do that people would find entertaining you can earn extra money by performing at events and parties.  Be a clown.  Create a persona.  Have fun with it!

If you’re interested in learning about how you can live without a job at all (maybe so you can travel or spend more time doing things you like) you should check out my ebook, Live Without a Job, Live the Life You Want! It’s only 99 cents on Amazon!

Do you have other ways that you make money without using a computer?  I’d love to hear about them!  I’ll add them to the list from time to time!

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