Unfortunately, I do not look nearly as cute in my waitressing gear. LOL [Photo source: Pixabay]

It’s been three very long days of waitress life and I have two more before my days off are here.  Thankfully, there are two days in a row off after this.  My feet hurt, lunch was a mad house, and my brain is such a fog that I can’t write anything more thoughtful than a rambling blog post.

Yet, do I hate my job? Nope.  It is people like that last ten top that make it worthwhile.  They waited patiently while I dealt with the other four tables that sat down minutes before them at unset/dirty tables that had not been dealt with since the lunch rush.  They smiled when I promised “I’ll be right there…” and ran out of the door with a hand full of plates.  They smiled more and joked with me as I got them seated at their big 10 top table and laughed at my jokes as I jotted down their orders.  They were happy and so wonderful.  They thanked me often.And then they left me a 40% tip.  Yes, 40%.  I think the biggest tip I have ever made in my life.

Do I want to do this much longer? No damn way.

Physically, I just can’t.  I mean, I know I could if I had to.  There are two women at my job that are over 60 and still waitressing.  And yes, they do suffer.  But both of them like it.  One of them a lot.  One of them just likes the money I think.  I’m not sure.

But me – I don’t care how much I do or don’t like a job.  I have no desire to do work that causes me pain any longer than necessary!

So, I’ve been making an effort to apply for more writing gigs.  I’ve built my professional website back up (and I do have plans to add some more samples and such to it).  I’m exploring more opportunities for making money from home.

And still fiction writing (although I confess that I have not added more pages to my series since I last did an accountability update).

I am taking steps to move back to my freelance/work from home lifestyle, little by little.  I know I have skills and I know I am a good freelancer to work with.  I know I will find the clients that need me. I just need to give it time.

Meanwhile, thanks to the awesome 10 top from today and thanks to the great Americans that have been visiting our small town so they can hunt and fish in our mountains.  Americans can be pretty awesome. 🙂

Now, my work day is done (well, the waitressing part) and I don’t have to go back to work until 3 PM tomorrow.  I think a nap is in my future and then…who knows.  Maybe then some writing.  From bed.  Because bed is an awesome place to be able to work from!

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