Any other writers use a bullet journal to stay organized and track things? I’ve been using one this year. I’ve yet to find my planner peace but I’m working on it.

One of the most important trackers I use is a Word Tracker. When I am in a serious writing session (or editing) I write on my Alphasmart Neo to prevent distractions. I seriously am not capable of writing fiction on my computer anymore. I have the attention span of a 2 year old, I swear!

it keeps me productive.

The other thing that keeps me productive is keeping track of how many words I’ve written in a session (I do 20-25 minute sprints, sometimes shorter if I am having a hard time focusing) and other relevant info. I write down the time of the sprint and then start (using a timer on my phone) and then I record how many words I wrote in that session. Then, when I’m done writing for the day I calculate the total words I wrote and the time and figure out what my word count per hour was. I also record how many words I’ve written in the month.

I know a lot of writers like to use an Excel sheet and if that works for you that’s great. As long as it works, right? But for me, I like to have it written down. I like to look at it when I am wondering if I should write at that moment. I like to look at it when I have had a particularly good writing streak.

Bullet journals are amazingly personal. Each person uses it differently. For writers, it can be a awesome tool for work.

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