Daily I struggle with the need to make enough money to get by and the desire to be happy.

What do I WANT to do? I want to write, get paid what I’m worth, and make a sustainable living.  I don’t even really want riches.  I just want enough money to know that my bills are getting paid and be able to buy a few extras.

Yes, it would be nice to be able to buy a car, some furniture (not second hand – what I concept; I’ve never owned furniture that was not second hand), new clothes once in awhile.

But I’d be happy with just relatively comfortable.

This almost turned out to be a different kind of rant but I deleted it.

I am thankful for a job that does pay the bills (barely) but it is not what I want to do.  And I’m going to put in the work to do what I want – writing.  I’m good at it.  Why should I not make it my living?

Just some random thoughts…

I swear, I’ll get to a real blog post again one of these days.

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