If you’ve never read one of these post on my site before, this is where I just get some random thoughts out. Sometimes it has to do with writing. Sometimes not.

#1 Still having problems with productivity

This seems to be the biggest problem I have to overcome. I have a hard time sticking to any sort of schedule. If I’m not working, I have a hard time getting out of bed so my day doesn’t usually start until noon. I’m convinced that if I am ever going to be truly productive I need to get up earlier. I’m not looking to become a 5 a.m. riser or anything. Just by 9 or 10 a.m. would be awesome. And once I’m up, I need to find a way to do the things I need to do. Especially writing.

#2 I have gotten a bit of writing done

Not as much as I’d like and I’m not on schedule to 50K (my goal for the month) but some. My aim today is to write a lot. Maybe 6 or 7K for the day. That will get me close to being on schedule. I have a client story to do and I need to flesh out a short story that I want to put up on Amazon today. It’s part of a series so it is important to keep the momentum going. So, shortly, I will start writing. Doing timed writings and using my Alphasmart has been helpful.

#3 I’ve got RV life on the mind

Seriously. I can’t stop thinking about living in an RV. It is what keeps me going. It’s not that I hate my town that I live in now but…I just want to get out there and drive and live by lakes and rivers and write outside and travel around Canada (maybe in the States, too; but not until Trump is out of his role as President). Part of it is my desire to be alone (with hubby) and part of it is my desire to see different places. Making this happen someday has become my main goal in life.

#4 I want to design some sites for income

I have had the developers license for the Divi Theme and the other Elegant Themes for a while now so I’d like to start putting that to use. I have a site set up for that business, too. I need to start contacting some businesses that I know don’t have a site or have a crappy site. If you’re looking for someone to set up a beautiful WordPress site for you check out Prairie Web Services.

#5 I’m more convinced than ever that most people are just assholes

Sounds horrible doesn’t it? But really – there are just too many people I come across on a daily basis that just don’t care about anyone but themselves. They have loads of money yet the only thing they think about is how they can spend it on themselves. I swear, when I have money, I am going to make sure that a certain percentage of it goes to helping other people. Either through charities or through anonymous donations to people I know are in need in a more direct manner.

BTW – I know I don’t know you personally so this is not a reflection on you!

#6 I’m only 10 days away from going back to work

This means that 5 days a week I’ll be out of the house. This is likely a good thing. Mainly because we need the money and I just can’t justify being at home and not making much money when I’m capable of going out to a decent job and making money. It’s the same place I worked before and it is mostly waitressing (one day a week prepping in the kitchen) so it is a job I know. It’s fairly low stress. I get to talk to people (which I do like doing in a job). And it makes more money than an average administration type of job. Part of me is upset with myself because I couldn’t make writing work the way I wanted it to. But then there’s part of me that is happy.

How long will I do this for? I don’t know. Until I am rich writing fiction? LOL – we’ll see.

#7 I’m not normal

I’ve come to terms with that. I’m never going to be the type of person that will go to a job I hate day after day just because the money is good. I’d rather be poor and do something I love. I’m not the kind of person that wants others to think I’m important because of the way I dress or the job I have or how involved I am with stuff. I’m not the type of person that need a lot of friends. One or two good friends is all I really need. I have my husband and a friend here where I live and I have my two best friends in the city (even though we hardly ever see each other – I know they are there if I need them and they know I am always here, too).

My life is never going to be normal. And I’m good with that. I am learning to love who I am. And that’s more than anyone else can ever ask for, right?

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