#1 A Theme?

Once again, I am thinking that I need to make this site more focused. It’s all over the place right now. I want to keep a category for personal blog posts but I think that overall it needs to have some kind of a theme.  And it doesn’t have one at all at the moment, does it?

What I’m thinking about doing is making the site focused on ways that writers can make money online. So, not just blogging, not just fiction writing, but all the ways that writers can make money online.

I think that I would include posts on:

  • blogging
  • writing sites for residual income
  • writing sites for quicker income
  • fiction ebook publishing
  • non-fiction ebook publishing
  • finding private clients
  • poetry

What else should I include?

I think that the Bullet Journalling category could stay. Organization is a big part of making money as a writer. There’s lots of different ways that one can use a bullet journal to plan and organize their writing efforts.

Maybe I could add a section on transition to working from home completely. That might be valuable.

I’m not making the change immediately. That stuff takes time! But watch for something changing in the future!

#2 Work

I know this is fast, because I just quit my job but I might be going back to work. Not as many hours as I was working before. But just kind of casually.

The thing is, I really do miss the people interaction. And I miss my co-workers.

Nothing is decided yet but it’s on the table.

I think if I can work shorter shifts (like 3 or 4 hours?) I could manage it. I don’t think that would cause any pain.

That’s it. There are other thing on my mind. Just nothing I feel like putting out there. 🙂

So anyway. I need to figure things out. I’ll let you know what is going on when I know what is going on.

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