I have the attention span of a grape nut right now so writing a full, comprehensive post just isn’t possible.  But I fee the need to write and update-ish type of post so…


Like I said – I can’t concentrate very well today.  I wonder if that is because I am getting old or because I am so out of practice in having the need to concentrate.  Maybe it is because as a waitress I need to be able to remember multiple things at a time so concentrating on one single thing is just not possible?  Either way, ya, I keep thinking, I should do this or I should do that and I get to a web page that I need to be on to do that thing and then I get bored and close the page.  This can’t be a good thing.


I’m having a really hard time deciding what I want to do…you know, when I grow up.  Because at 46 I don’t think I’m there yet.  What I do know is that I can’t be a waitress forever.  Well, I can.  The woman who most recently retired at my job was 65.  But she’s also had some heart issues and is currently in pretty poor health.  I can’t say if that is a result of her many, many years of waitressing but…ya, I don’t want to be her.

So, since I know I can’t waitress until I retire, what the hell am I supposed to do?  I’ve done a lot of stuff in my life. I’ve been a waitress and a cook and an interviewer/coder/receptionist/data technician/sample technician in the market research industry, and a teacher in the adult learning industry. And back to waitressing.  If I stay here in this town, none of the other things are a likely possibility.  There just aren’t a lot of good jobs in this town and in order to get the good jobs that pay decent you have to have education/know someone or a combo of the two. I don’t appear to have enough of either.

That means I’m going to have to create my own next career.  I’m going to have to start some kind of business, either online or offline.  And so far, I don’t think I have come up with the right idea.

I have considered going back to freelance writing and social media management.  And that is a possibility.  I’m just not sure yet.


I definitely need to make some changes in my life – career aside.  I have not been eating very health for…well, a long time.  I don’t even know what I weigh anymore.  I feel sluggish and bored and tired on most of my days off.  I’m working on projects but to be honest – most of them are boring me silly.


I bought a bunch of notebooks for my Bullet Journal project.  I haven’t been doing much with them though.  I got bored after I got them.  I should really get back to working on them.  Because I can’t think of anything else that will motivate me to get anything done.  I’m torn between making it all pretty and being totally minimalistic though.  So far…well, it’s mostly just sitting on my desk.


I started a Facebook Page for my work and I have to say it is pretty awesome.  I love creating content for the page and people seem to really like it.  We post our daily lunch specials with pictures but I’m also doing memes and a #throwbackthursday post that is getting a lot of attention.  At least one other local restaurant has said to someone that they are annoyed that we already have so many more likes than them. LOL.  That makes me feel good. I do like doing this stuff.  I’m just not sure if I could get enough work to make it worth my time.  Enough to quit the job.  Waitresses do make some serious money you know.


I saw a post about that town in Cape Breton is still looking for someone to move there, work at this local farmer’s market place, and get 2 acres of land if they stay for 5 years. I’m seriously tempted to apply.  I mean really.  Beautiful place.  A job. Land.  I have no idea how we would manage the move but I am so tired of this town.  Or maybe just of my life?  I don’t know.


I did write one blog post today.  I’m not sure why. I guess the topic inspired me.  I figured this woman was worth writing about.  If you want to read it click this link: Woman In Viral Internet Photo Speaks Out

Well, I think that’s it for today.  Comment if you wanna.

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