If you’re on online writer you know that making money by writing is not as simple as just writing and publishing the articles.  There’s so much more to do and it can be hard to keep it all organized.

Now there is a way to help you keep track of what you’re publishing and where you’re promoting it.

It’s the Online Writer’s Journal.

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There are pages for ideas and research, promotion, and tracking where you published your articles and when.

Right now it is available on the CreateSpace store but it will be available on Amazon in a few days and I’ll update with the links there when it becomes available.

#Edit: Now Available on Amazon, too – CLICK HERE to get it from Amazon!

For now, you can find here here on CreateSpace:

OWJ - on createspace

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Here are samples of the pages you’ll find in the Online Writer’s Journal:

OWJ samples>>>Order from CreateSpace now!


CLICK HERE to get it from Amazon!

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