So, Nanowrimo is less than a week away.

I’m no where near prepared.

But I’m determined to finish it this year.

I can’t pants it. I don’t dare…do I?

Shouldn’t I at least have a clear idea of what I’m going to write?


I have it narrowed down to two genres – sweet romance (a modern day fairy tale adaptation) OR a cozy mystery. I have rough story ideas for both, but no outlines. I still have time to do an outline for which ever I’m going to write. If I could decide.

Or, I could do both. But then I’d have two outlines to write.

Or I could do both and pants it. I don’t know if I am capable of pantsing a longer story. What if I run out of ideas of things to write? What if I don’t know what the characters are supposed to do or say. Maybe I’d better outline.

I am going to start a Nanowrimo specific bullet journal. So, I’ll likely outline.

I’m going to include:

  • character bios
  • chapter synopsis
  • and that’s all I’ve come up with. LOL

I guess I need to give it some more thought.

I am leaning towards doing both stories and making each about 25K words. Because I don’t know if I can write 50K words of one thing. I’m still terrified of that to be honest.

But both of these stories are something I’ve been wanting to write. So…

OMG – I can’t stand making decisions. I so suck at this. And I only have a week left to make up my mind.

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