I honestly did plan to start writing daily accountability posts.  That didn’t happen.

Maybe they’ll just be sporadic accountability posts?  Ya, that’s more likely knowing me.

I have actually been doing a lot though.  I’ve been working on one of my web sites that I think has the potential to make decent money if I keep working at it.  I’ve added new affiliates to the site to find out if it can make some good money.

And I’ve been journalling.  Personal journalling in a notebook – old school.  And I’ve discovered that I really like the physical act of writing things out.

So, I’m going to work on my series that is in progress by writing it old school.

I wrote a whole chapter last night.  On paper.  8 and a half pages worth.  Not sure how long that is in words.  So I can’t really share that.  But when I dictate it and edit it I’ll share that.

It’s not a lot.  But it’s something.

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