Ok. I’m pretty happy with myself. Remember that smartphone novel project I was starting awhile ago? You know. The one that didn’t quite get written?

Well, it’s happening again.  I wrote the first 800-ish words tonight  and I’m actually pretty happy with it. At least so far.

I’m totally Pantsing it. At least for now. I might do some outlining later if I need to. We’ll see how it goes.

And guess what? I’m sharing it as I write it. Not here. On Instagram.  So if you want to read it go here and follow me on Instagram. I’m using the hash tag #CassidysStory for each post so you can easily find all the posts.

I’m going to try to post something each day but I am not going to be crazy about sticking to that because I know I suck with rules. I am going to try to just keep going and enjoy the process.

When it is more or less done I will likely remove the Instagram posts so that I can edit it and then probably publish it.

Say hi on Instagram if you are following along!

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