As far as writing goes, the last couple months have been – lacking, to say the least. In August I did do some client writing (fiction) but that’s pretty much all I did. I didn’t write for me. September has been worse. And I have no clue where the month went.

So, it is time to pull myself up by my bootstraps and get back to the business of writing and making some damn money!

(Note: July I wrote a lot and guess what? My earnings reflected that. I saw my income from Amazon go up by roughly 100% from the previous months!)

One of the things I feel like I need to do is keep myself accountable. I’m going to start using this space to do that. Each week I’m going to publish my work schedule and my writing schedule. Then, each day I’m going to report my writing progress. It might not always be writing – some days it might be launching a new ebook or it could be outlining or something else writing related. But I’m going to do something every single day.

I have come to the realization that I can’t write one thing at a time. I need to have options. Some days I might feel like writing something spicy and other days I might want to work on something sweet. So, I am going to have several (at least two) stories going at the same time. In the side bar, I’m going to add word count widgets so you can see in an instant what kind of progress I’m making. And so can I.

Stay tuned for next week’s plan (BTW, I have my kids coming next week so that means that there will be a few days in there where I don’t have writing planned).

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