I have a lot to do today.  I have writing to do (as always) and I have company coming in only two days so I have a lot of cleaning to do. So what do I do instead? I write a blog post of course.  Ok, I’m going to get down to the writing part soon – really soon.  As soon as I write this post and get some thoughts out of my head.

One of the things I’ve been trying to do is launch a new pen name.  I want to write some new stories/books that are different than what I’ve done in the past.  I want them to be something that I can really enjoy writing.  Something I’m good at writing but something that really has an audience.  So, I’m delving into the world of spicy romance – not erotica, but spicy romance.  Ya, is there a difference.  I don’t know.  Personally, I think spicy romance is just an erotic story with more story, ya know? But whatever.  I’ll call it whatever readers want it to be called if it will encourage them to buy it and read it!

I’ve actually got two things in the works.  My problem is that the one that I want to publish first is not plotted out.  So, I get to a certain point and then I get stuck. That’s not good.  It messes me up if I don’t know what comes next in the story.  I have to know before I write it otherwise I just stop writing it and then I lose interest in the story.  But I really want to finish this.  So, what the hell – I’m going to finish it.

But right now, I have to write another story that is commissioned by a client.  It’s definitely not romance. LOL.  Ya, it’s erotica.  Which is fine because I’ve been paid well to write it and then I can publish it and it can make more money.  I need to get this done today, for sure.

poke-river-cruel-summer-1That leads me to this blog…

How much do I really want to share here?  I mean this blog is my personal blog so I can share whatever I like.  But I’m not exactly hiding who I am. That’s my real picture up there on the top corner of the site.  My real name is here in places. Dani is what all of my friends call me.  I think I’ve even mentioned where I live.

So, I’m not going to share the pen name that I use for my raunchiest work.  That’s going to have to remain a secret.

But I think I will use this blog to promote/share my work for my new pen name once I finally start getting something out that I can share/promote.  The pen name I’ve chosen is actually just my first name and my middle name and it’s well suited to the romance genre.  I’m going to be writing under the pen name Danielle Rene. I have a Facebook Page set up for that pen name if  you’d like to keep up with stuff.

I even have a cover ready for the first story that is going to be released.  I’m pretty proud of it.  You can see it to the right.  Like I said, spicy romance.  So, not for anyone that doesn’t want sex in their romance stories.

What do you think? Would you pick this book up?

Oh, by the way, if you really want to read my work under this pen name and you want to read it before anyone else does, I have a Patreon account. What’s that? Well, basically, it means that you get to have early access to the first drafts of my story by supporting my work for $1 a month or higher.  The more you pledge the more perks you get but everyone gets access to the first drafts and a copy of the final story.  $1 a month – that’s not that much is it?

>>>>Support Me on Patreon here!

I’m still waitressing to pay the bills.  In the next year, I’d like to stop that.  I am going to hang on to the job for awhile because the money is decent and it gets me out of the house and for the most part, I like the job.  I am having some trouble with my feet though so if I keep it up I need to get some orthodics for my shoes.  I either have bone spurs or plantar fasciitis.  The problem is getting the orthodics.  It takes forever here because I live in a small town.  And the money.  I have insurance, which will cover part of that.  But still, it will cost some money.  But it will be worth it  to get them in case I end up needing to do some kind of work that is similar to waitressing at some point in the future.

Moving – I still really want to move back to the city.  My kids are there. My granddaughter is there.  My husband’s family is there.  And my best friend is there.

And I miss the hustle and the excitement of the city.  I miss all the people.  I even miss taking the bus.  Is that weird?

So ya, moving back to the city is a big thing for me.  And in order to do that, I either need a job or I need to be bringing in enough money from publishing fiction that we can afford the higher rent of city apartments.  And we need to find a place that will allow our three cats because those are my babies and I’m not leaving even one of them behind (even though Matt can be a huge pain in the but sometimes).

I’d also like to start making some more money from Buskins.  Buskins is a fashion company that I am a rep for. They really do have some awesome stuff but I don’t promote it in a big way.  But it will be cool if I could manage to make a little bit from it every month. So, I’ve added a section to this site for that.  You can see the link for their page at the top of the site and there’s a category for it because I’ll likely make a post or two about it here.

If you want to check out the cool leggings and stuff that Buskins has to offer you can see it here.

Ok, I’ve put off this writing thing long enough.  I have to get to work.  Why is it that starting to write a new story is so damn hard???

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