one day

People used to tell me this.

I used to read this in the romance novels I loved as a teenager.

I used to believe this.

And then somewhere along the way, I didn’t believe this anymore.  I guess I became jaded.

After an 11 relationship that didn’t work out and then a handful of short term relationships, I thought it was all a cruel joke played on women to make them feel horrible.

And then…

my husband came into my life.

I knew he was different then.  He was not my “type”.  But there was a connection between us.

Now, I have complete faith that he is “the one”, my “meant-to-be”, my soul mate.

He never complains that I sometimes act more like a man that a woman (or what society seems to think men and women are “supposed” to be like).  He never complains about the fact that I sometimes can drop over 100 f-bombs in an hour. He never even insinuates that my body is anything less than perfect.

He is the only man that could possibly live with me and not go crazy.

I found the reason why other relationships did not work.

You will, too.

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