Ok, I’m doing this so this post will mark the official launch of the project.

What is the Smartphone Novel Project?

I’m going to write a novel using only my smartphone.  Pretty simple. The idea is to fill those empty spots during the day – times when I’m waiting for stuff, watching TV, too tired to sit at my computer, not working, and so on – with something useful: writing a novel.

The Rules

(if you’re joining me feel free to change the rules to your liking)

  1. Write every day
  2. Write a minimum of 400 words a day
  3. No editing until it’s done

The Tools

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy 5 and I’ll be using the Google Docs app.


I’ll do reports here once a week or so.  More or less.

The Facebook Group

Want to join me?  This project is open and ongoing.  All you have to do is join the Facebook Group here!

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