I’ve started applying to writing/social media jobs again.  I’m going to see what I can do to pick up some jobs.  And maybe work towards not working outside the home sooner than later.  And making more money.  Because even with tips, I can still make more money as a writer.

And since I accidentally let my professional domain expire and someone picked it up and has it parked and will likely charge me a ridiculous fee to get it back, I got a new domain and set up my site last night.  I’m pretty impressed with it to be honest.

>>> Check it out! http://daniellemcgaw.online

Love it!

I’m going to add some more writing samples (maybe categorize them?) and some graphic samples, too.

Let’s see what I can do.

The only rule for me to do this?

Ok, two rules…

#1 – NO content mills.

#2 – I’m not writing for less than a certain amount.  If I’m going to write content for someone other than myself they have to expect to pay for it.  I’m not a minimum wage type of writer.

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