I’m heading off to work in like 15 minutes and I’m actually not annoyed about the fact that I have to work for once.  That’s a good thing.

Part of it is hope.  I know that my job is not my life.  I have other things that are important to me. The job is just a means to an end so I’ll do it as long as I need to.

But today I am looking forward to writing when I get home.

Today I am really, really enjoying this blog.  I don’t know why.  I have had other blogs.  I have a main blog where I have mostly been focused on blogging about writing and I’ll likely keep that up more or less.  But I want to post things here every day.  I could do it at Daily Two Cents but…I just want to have my own place to post whatever I want.  I’ve wanted that for awhile and now I have it.

I’m feeling happy and hopeful.

I hope you are too!

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