I am super excited.  My Alphasmart Neo is here!!! I’ve been wanting an Alphasmart for awhile now.  I’d looked at them on eBay a few times but hadn’t found one that had decent shipping and a price a liked but a week or so ago I checked again and there was an Alphasmart Neo that was calling my name!

What is an Alphasmart Neo? you ask?

My Alphasmart Neo is here! Now I can #writeallthewords without distraction. #writer #writinglife

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It’s kind of like a word processor.  You type on it like you would a typewriter but it doesn’t need paper.  It stores the data in files that you can transfer to your computer.

Why not just use your computer though, right?  Well, some of us are easily distracted by bright shiny objects.  Like the Internet.  I dealt with my Facebook distraction issue a few days ago, but I still have the temptation of looking at other sites.  I can seriously waste a lot of time getting distracted when I am online.

And when I’m writing news articles I need to have access to the Internet.

But I don’t need the Internet when I’m writing fiction.  So, I wanted a device to write on when I just want to focus on getting the words on the page.  And the Alphasmart Neo is my solution.

It’s pretty cool for anyone that wants a device they can write on without having to carry around a laptop or a netbook.  Some of the benefits:

  • It turns off and on in a flash – about a second and a half to two seconds.
  • It saves automatically.  Each time you type a letter it is saved.
  • You can have 8 files going simultaneously.  Potentially eight stories or one longer one.
  • You can easily transfer the files to your computer any time you like (you’ll likely want to do this when you’re ready to edit).
  • You can check your word count (important for me because that is how I mark my progress).
  • You can do basic styling like bold and underline and stuff like that.
  • It is really portable – barely weighs 2lbs. and is the size of a netbook or tablet.
  • It doesn’t connect to the Internet so it is completely distraction free.

I am looking forward to starting my novella.  I think I have decided on doing a bear shifter romance.  I’ve had this story in my head for quite awhile now.  There’s a good market for it and I’ve read some stuff and quite like reading it.  I’m hoping it is not over-saturated yet but I think it should be fine.  And bear shifter romance readers tend to not expect or have a fondness for series.  I maybe write several novellas in the same town with some of the same characters but always focusing on different relationships.  But we’ll see how the first one goes.

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Other stuff:

I’m working on the internship for the new news site that I’ve been writing for and I think that it is going good.  I’ve had good comments from the editors so I think everything is fine.  I’ve had a couple news pieces that have gone viral so I’m learning how to pick good topics.  I’m really hoping this works out.  It would be nice to put waitressing behind me again and go back to working from home permanently.

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