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This is a kind of personal type of post.  Feel free to skip it.  Or read it and get a little bit more of a glimpse into what is going on with me personally.  Up to you.

So, money has not been my friend lately.  Well, for quite awhile really.  Mostly because there’s not enough of it coming in and too much of it going out.  I suspect that is not uncommon.

But it really bugs me because I am smart.  Smarter than a lot of people I think. I can teach myself stuff really easily.  I have worked in companies and been promoted quickly through the ranks (6 promotions in 7 years with one company!). I have a lot of skills that people pay good money to get.  So, why am I not rich? Or at least making a lot more money than I have been.

Mostly, it is because I’m lazy.  I’m being pretty honest here.  I don’t like working. I’d rather just sleep and watch movies and TV shows.  And eat. I like eating.  But you can’t do the eating unless you do less of the watching TV shows and movies.  Or can you?

Maybe you can have both.  But you gotta add a bit of work in there, too, right?  Ya, you do.

So, here’s my plan…

I applied for a news site.  I’m still going to write for my own news site but until it gets off the ground and starts making some serious coin, I need to make some money from other sources. And there are sites that pay people to do recaps and reviews and to write about the celebrities that are on your favorite TV shows and movies.  So, I’m going to do that.

I actually applied for 3 different sites and one of them has gotten back to me already.

I’m not quitting my waitressing job.  I think that is good for me – both financially and emotionally.  The tips are always good and the pay takes care of some of the bills.  Emotionally, it forces me to get out of the house and actually talk to people.  And I need something to do that for me because otherwise I would likely just sit at home in front of my computer or my television and never see anyone but my husband and my mom (who makes me go out for coffee at least a couple times a week).  So the job stays.

But the job is only part time.  And that is good for me (I likely couldn’t handle being on my feet full-time – the fact that I walk 7-15 miles in a day 4 days a week is pretty impressive as far as I’m concerned).  So that does leave me with time to write.

So, if I get this news writing gig (or a couple of them) I’ll be able to make a bit more money.

I’m not giving up on the fiction writing.  That’s still happening and I’ll have an update on the smartphone novel project for you in the next week or so.  But I need something that makes money now.

With the news site that already responded and requested the sample that I’ve already written and sent in, I can write up to 10 posts a week for the trial period.  The pay is not great but I understand that once the trial is over I can write significantly more and I can get a raise.  So, once I’m approved to start writing, that will be my goal.  10 posts a week.  I can do that.

How? Ya, that question is on my mind, too.

I have two choices: get up earlier or make the time that I’m up late a bit more productive.  I did get up earlier today.  I did get one piece of writing (my sample) done today.  But I’m going to have to be a lot more productive than that if I’m going to write 10 600 word news articles a week.  I’m going to have to learn to turn off Facebook (and most of the Internet!) and focus on what is important.

That means I really need to find my motivation.  I’m not really a motivated person.  Challenges don’t motivate me.  Money doesn’t motivate me until I’m practically starving to death.  Fame doesn’t motivate me. I’m not sure what does.  I’ll figure it out though…I hope.

Anyway, long rambling post.  If you have something to suggest or add the comment box is below!

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