There’s been a lot of talk lately about speaking the truth.  “They” say that if it is true that it should be said.

I have to disagree.

Your boss is an asshole but are you going to walk up to him and say, “Hey, don’t fire me because I’m just speaking the truth but dude, you’re an asshole.”

The lady who takes care of your children while you’re at work is kind of overweight – ok, she’s obese – but are you going to come up to her and say, “Hey, don’t boot my kids out of your daycare, but you should know that you are disgustingly overweight.”

Your Mom has been letting herself go a bit lately, doesn’t wear make up anymore, doesn’t put much effort into her clothes, but are you going to say to her, “Hey Ma, I know you’ve loved me unconditionally all these years but you know you’re kind starting to look like an old hag.”


You’re not going to say any of these things to these people. Why? Because you need a job, you need daycare, and you know how incredibly hurt your poor old mom would be.

So why do people think that it is ok to “speak the truth” to people they don’t even know on the Internet? Why do people think it is ok to throw hundreds of thousands of people who have a condition in common and generalize about them and say things that are going to hurt them, just because for some of them, it might be true.  Why do people think that just because something is true they need to let it fly out of their mouths, even though it is going to leave someone feeling like crap?

It’s called MANNERS people.  It seems like some of the people in the world have forgotten that there was a reason that manners were invented.  It’s so mean and thoughtless and caring people would have something to remind them that it is NOT OK to let verbal diarrhea spew from their mouth and splatter everyone with the stench.

Ok, maybe that’s not the reason why manners were invented but it is a pretty damn good reason to keep using them.

Manners are good.

Get some.

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