Since I went full time at my waitressing job about a month and a half ago I have not done any writing.  Well, for my local web site but that’s not really what I mean by writing.  I mean, fiction writing.

Working full time is not something I have done in a very long time and it has taken a lot of adjusting.  Especially since I start at 6 am every day.  I’ve had to become a morning person.  Well, mostly.  There’s a lot of days when I just stay up too late when I know that I have a day off the next day and I get carried away and stay up too late and sleep in the next morning.  Like last night and today.  Now I’ll be up late tonight and have to suck it up to get up in the morning.

But I miss writing.  So, I think I am going to make an effort to get back to it.  Slowly I guess.

And I’m not sure what I’m going to write.  I have a great idea for a post-apocalyptic sci-fi story.  It’s an adaptation of a previous story. And it will mean building a world that is totally unlike our current world.  And it will require some research likely.  Honestly, the thought of writing it scares me.

Why would it scare me?

Because it is a really big project.  I mean big.  It could take me a long time to write it.  And then there will be some serious editing.  Like I’m going to likely have to hire someone to edit because it is so big.  And if I invest that much time in writing it, I’d better invest some time into getting a really good cover made.

But I think it would make a great story.

The thing is I know that I can’t continue to waitress full time until I retire.  There’s just no way I’m doing that.  Ya, the money is good but physically, I just don’t want to do it.  So, I need another career that will allow me to work but not have to do physical work.  And will pay well.  Ok, writing is a bit of a gamble.  But I know that it can be done.  If you put the work into it, study the market, write to market (more or less) and write what you love – I believe that it can happen.  I’m willing to take the gamble.

BTW – if you didn’t know, I do have a novella out already that you might want to check out.  It’s called The Red Dress and it is available in paperback and in ebook format.

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