So, with the goal of making 2017 different than 2016, I have decided to give bullet journalling a try. It’s not exactly a new concept but it is new to me and it might be new to some of you, too, so I’ll try to explain it as best as a newbie can.

What is Bullet Journalling?

Bullet Journalling is design to make things simple.  Not everyone does keep it simple but the concept itself is pretty easy to follow and you can make it your own via design, pages, stickers, and so on.  I’m not a great artist or anything but I do like different lettering so there will be some degree of creativity in mind.

The main idea is that you can keep all the things you need to organize in one place. Instead of having a planner for writing, a planner for story ideas, a planner for your secular job, and so on, you have one planner where you have all of your stuff.  And instead of having it all in seperate sections, you just start a new page ever time you want to do something new and you add it to the index.

I’m probably doing a really crappy job of describing this so go and check out the original bullet journal site.

Why a Bullet Journal?

One of the main reasons that I like the bullet journal is that you can make it whatever you want it to be.  And you can have as much planning stuff in it as you desire.  I feel like I have a lot going on so it makes sense to me to have a planner that allows me to keep all of my stuff in one place. I can keep a list of story ideas in the same place that I plan out my week.  I can track tips and savings in the same book where I plan meals. And so on.  You get the idea.

Another neat thing is that  you don’t need to have expensive journals.  You can go cheap or fancy.  Up to you.  I just happened to have an unused journal and decided to use it.

What Kinds of Things are In My Bullet Journal?

Well, first, I think it is important for me to plan out things like when I work, when I am going to write articles, and so on.  So, there’s definitely going to be a planning section.  I am trying something simple to start off with.  The neat thing is that if I do not like a way of planning the week ahead, I can try something new next week.

I’m also going to use it to plan out stories.  Outlining stories is am important part of my writing process. I might also use it for character maps, brainstorming story ideas, and other fiction related stuff.  Oh, and I already have a page set up to track my work counts.  I think I will likely do this each week.

I have a page for one of my sites and the content that I need to write for it.  Since I have more than one site, I think this will be a good tool.  I can have a page (or more) for each site.

In the new year, I want to work on getting healthier and losing some weight so I will have sections for healthy type of stuff.  I’ve started a page for foods we love so that I can eventually start doing meal planning.  Because right now, due to the lack of planning, we eat a lot of crap.  Hopefully I can change that by meal planning and pre-cooking meals.

Hopefully, this bullet journalling thing will help me get my shit together and ultimately, start making more money!

Below you an see some pics of my journal and a couple pages I’ve started.

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