Do you often wonder how people get these awesome pictures with text that make you want to share them?  It’s really not that hard and anyone can learn how to do it with one simple tool that is FREE (paid version for more options).  The tool I use is called PicMonkey.  I love it and I’ve been using it for years.

Some of the things you can do with PicMonkey include:

  • Adding text to pictures
  • Adding frames to pictures
  • Changing the coloring of pictures
  • Adding various overlays to pictures (like icons and banners)
  • Resizing pictures
  • Cropping pictures
  • …and so much more

Here’s a couple of pictures I’ve used on this blog and on other sites that I’ve modified with PicMonkey (each picture is linked to the original article if you want to read it):

home is - cover

writer failure

writing residual



smartphone business

You can even make simple infographics, Facebook cover photos and blog headers (I made the one on this site with PicMonkey).

Having good pictures makes your blog posts so much more appealing and when you share them on social media others will want to share them, too.

Want to get started with PicMonkey?

>>> CLICK HERE to get started with PicMonkey for free

(go Pro if you want to have way more options!)

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