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I have been so down on myself lately because I haven’t been accomplishing as much as I want to.  But enough is enough.

Tomorrow I am going to get up, get dressed and go to the library.  No matter how much I want to sit down at this computer I will NOT do it. I’m going to stop and get a cup of coffee (better bring my mug…) and then go to the library with my writing lap top. And I’m not leaving until I’m done what I set out to do.

Then I’ll have some lunch with my mom likely.  A writer needs more than just coffee to survive.

After that, I’ll be back home to work on my writing sites.  Things are going good.  I’m currently putting together a social media team (Harlow-McGaw Champions) and tomorrow I’ll be setting them up with Facebook Pages that they will be responsible for.  I’ll also be giving them some guidelines.  I’m going to call them starting guidelines because although I have done social media work in the past, managing a team is a first for me.  I’ll also look at all pending applications.

Hopefully I’ll be done by 6 PM.

Then, I will write at least 1000 words on my own fiction.

I can do this.

I will do this.

And I’m going to kick ass.

Before I know it we’ll have enough money saved to move back to the city where all of our friends are and my daughter and granddaughter.  Maybe my son will be ready to move by then, too. 🙂

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