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I love to do stuff with Word.  I love all the Microsoft Office products and I use them often.  And one of the things I do each year (sometimes more often) is make printable planner pages that I can put in my own binder to help keep me organized.

I know there are tons of them you can get out there for free and lots of paid one, too; but they never seem to have what I really want.

In the past I’ve done lots of pages but this year I am focusing on just three:

  1. A monthly Big Things To Do List
  2. A weekly planner (with notes)
  3. Monthly Reflection pages.

I just finished making them so I thought why not share them with my readers?

I’ve been meaning to make an email list for this site, too – mostly just a notification when there are new posts but possibly also some other emails from time to time. So why not give these Planner pages away to my email subscribers?

Here’s what the pages look like:

Monthly Big Things To Do List


Weekly Planner

(and there are 8 pages of this with a different inspirational quote on each page; each page has 4 or 3 days and the one that has 3 days has an extra space for notes)

weekly planner pic


These pages are meant to help you think about what you’ve accomplished in the month, what you’re grateful for, and what you’d like to improve on in the coming month.  You could do this more often and if you want to do that just print out more pages.  For example – you could do it weekly and print out 4 January pages and add “week one”, “week two”, etc. I purposefully left it without lines so that you can write big or small or even put in a doodle or paste a picture in there if you like.

relection pic

How to Get Them

If you’d like to download these planner pages just sign up for my email list!  After confirming your subscription you’ll get an email with the link to download them all.  That’s all. They are in a zipped file so just extract the files inside and then download the pages that you like the best.  You don’t have to use them all.  Print them out as you need them and you’re ready to go.  They are in color but they work well in black and white, too.

Picture from Pixabay; edited with PicMonkey

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