If you love journals like I do, you’re going to love this cute little beauty.  I have to say, the fact that it was free makes it even better but there’s lots to love about this purse sized journal.

First, it came wrapped in this beautiful paisley fabric with a leather band to hold it all together.

In the mail today @innovativejournaling See next photo… #journalling #journals #journallove

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Gorgeous right?

Soon as I pulled it out of the packaging I held my breath because I wasn’t expecting that. It likely says somewhere on the site that this comes with it but I missed that.

Ok, So, standing right there in the post office, I had to see what was inside.  I’d looked at the site several times since I ordered it but seeing it in real life – it’s just inspiring.

In the mail today @innovativejournaling See next photo… #journalling #journals #journallove

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There is is closed.  That blue part? It’s some kind of authentic African beads or something. I can’t remember. But very pretty.

The leather is thick and it is genuine Italian leather.  So beautiful. Hand stitching.  It’s the kind of leather that is just going to get more pleasing as it gets older and more used.  I am glad it came with the case because my cats love to scratch thing.  Even with the case though, I’ll be keeping this safe in my purse all the time!

In the mail today @innovativejournaling See next photo #journalling #journals #journallove

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It comes with one hand stitched notebook.  And the paper/notebooks can be easily replaced. There’s a video on the site that shows you how but it’s not rocket science.  Just pull out the filled up one and put in a new one.  I ordered 3 refills at $14.99 from the site.

This paper is exquisite but a crafty person can easily figure out how to make their own refills with colored paper or whatever you happen to like.  I’ll likely be experimenting with this later on.

Finally, each side of the leather cover has pockets for you to put all your loose slips of paper in. Handy.

I am so in love with this thing.

The question now is…what to use it for?  I can’t possibly use it as a regular journal as I write way too prolifically – I’d fill up one of those little notebooks in a week. It has to be something special.  I’m thinking something positive and uplifting that I can carry with me and look back at when I need a little lift up, you know?

Suggestions welcome.

Anyway, if you want one of these of your own for free check out the Instagram account and follow the link.  Sign up and you’ll get a special code just for you to get one of these beautiful leather journals of your own.

>>>>>CLICK HERE to go to their Instagram account!

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