Isn’t it funny how sometimes you’re having a conversation with someone and it turns into an amazing story idea?  That’s exactly what happened to me.  But I didn’t realize I was serious.  I said, “That gives me a great idea for a story.” I was kind of only joking. But the more this idea floated around in my mind the more I wanted to write this story – or series of stories, really.


And it all starts with a red dress.

See, this red dress is very special.  No one knows who was the original owner. But it’s been owned by many women.  It makes them feel more beautiful. It makes them feel confident.  It is the kind of dress that every woman wishes that she owned.

And there’s something else special about this dress, too.  But I can’t give away everything can I?

Watch for The Red Dress Series coming soon on Amazon!  It will be available on Kindle Unlimited so if you haven’t got that yet, I highly recommend it!


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