If you like to read new fiction and give input on it I’d love for you to check this out.  Cassidy’s Story (just the working title – I’m sure it will change) is my smartphone novel project.  I’m writing it in Google Docs only using my smartphone.

In order to keep myself accountable, I’ve decided to share it.  But I also need funding.

So, if you’d like to read Cassidy’s story as I write it, get access to extra stuff that won’t be in the story like pictures and back story, and support a writer, you can subscribe to me on ConnectPal.

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What is Cassidy’s Story about?

Well, it’s evolving and may change over time but…

Cassidy is a young woman that works in a bar in a small town.  She’s grown up in the foster care system.  During her time in foster care, she made two very good friends.  Kelsie and Jake.  Kelsie is younger than her and just turned 18 and lives with her.  Cassidy promised that when Kelsie got out of foster care, she’d had a place ready for her and that she would take care of her.  Jake is no where to be found.  After a horrible experience with two foster care bullies where Jake stepped in and saved her, Jake was sent to another foster care home and Cassidy has not been able to find him since.

Maddox, Maddy to his friends, is a biker. Older than Cassidy and tough on the outside, he’s tired of loose women and wild days and dreams of settling down.  And then he meets Cassidy and falls for her. But she’s so focused on finding Jake that she doesn’t see what Maddox has to offer.

What will happen when Cassidy finds Jake? Will Maddy ever have a chance with her? Will Jake be the same boy who saved her when she was younger?

Want to know?


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Read as I write it and get the opportunity to ask questions and even contribute to the story.

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