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I’ve mentioned The Bloggess before as one of my favorite personal bloggers.  Her name is Jenny Lawson and she’s funny as I’ll get out. She never fails to entertain but she’s a lot more than just entertaining.  She’s also an author and has just finished doing a tour for her latest book, Furiously Happy. She also gives back to her community.

One of the things she did this year was open up a blog post to allow people to post their Amazon Wish Lists in the comments if they are having a bad year and can’t afford to buy things for their kids.  A lot of people took her up on the offer and a lot of people helped others out.

Here’s an example of one of the requests:

wish list request

Others made a request on behalf of someone else, like this man:

wish list request 2

I found that one particularly heart breaking.  But sweet at the same time because despite what he and his daughter have gone through he still wants to give his daughter a gift at Christmas.

There are lots of people that need help at Christmas and at various other times of the year.  There’s no shame in asking for help.  There shouldn’t be anyways.  I think there are too many people in the world that are satisfied with doing well for themselves.  They don’t realize that if the smallest thing in their lives changed – health, business, etc. – that could be them.  And I think that is really sad.

This year we are not in a place where we can help out anyone.  We are in a bit of a tight spot ourselves. But in past years we have given to others in various ways.  We’ve donated to charities and we’ve  helped people out directly when we could.

But this is supposed to be about The Bloggess, isn’t it? Ooops.

Jenny Lawson is a blogger worth following because not only does she make people’s lives better by making them laugh, helping them find ways to deal with mental health issues, and so on but she genuinely tries to make the world a better place.

If you’ve never read her blog before, start from the beginning.  There’s always something great to read.  Or, start with this one because it never fails to make me laugh.  Seriously, I read it several times a year.  Everyone should read this.

With that being said, I’ll end this post with a…


(and if you don’t get why that is funny you haven’t read my favorite post on The Bloggess yet!)



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