Click the picture when you're ready to check out Niall's blog!

Click the picture when you’re ready to check out Niall’s blog!

Many years ago, when I had this nifty little blog called Live Without a Job (which you can get most of on Amazon now) I was fascinated by people that, well, lived without jobs.  And I came across the blog/videos of Niall Doherty.  I’m not sure if it was the blog or the videos I found first but nevertheless I developed a bit of a blogger crush on him.  I even interviewed him (unfortunately, I have no idea what I did with the video interview)!

Niall is this Irish dude who decided one day that he’d like to travel around the world – without flying.  Yep – he took buses, trains, mopeds, bikes and walked his way around the world.  Not in a direct line or anything. It was kind of random.  But he did it.  He only recently stopped travelling to focus on his work (still not a job though).

He lived a minimalist lifestyle with minimal possessions.

Check this out (I think this was one of the first of his videos that I saw) – at this time he only owned 58 things!!!

He blogged about his travels, the people he met, his experiences, and challenging himself.  And although he’s not actively travelling right now he’s still blogging about life and challenging himself.  He’s even written a couple books.

Most of his posts and videos are about challenging your preconceptions about things and ideas, stepping outside of your comfort zone, re-examining why you think the way you do and that kind of stuff.  And I love that.  You can’t watch one of his videos or read a blog post without questioning things.

And asking questions is always good.

This is one of his more recent videos.

Check him out here – you’ll love him I’ll bet. 🙂


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