I didn’t know what I was going to write today when I got home but the important thing is I did write. 🙂

I decided to get started on the steamy romance. I didn’t write for long but I got 980 words in.

I’m really trying hard not to focus on the how many words I wrote thing. I need to develop the habit of writing daily so right now it is more important for me to write something each day. Even if it is crap and I end up not using it. Even if it is just a couple hundred words. Even if it is for a story/book that I won’t finish for a long time. I need to build that habit. And if I can write something every single day this month, I think I can go into November ready to write 50,000 words.

I have attempted to do Nanowrimo several times in the past and not once have I actually completed it. I get tied up in the numbers. I have a few good days and then I miss a day. And another day. And another day. And so on. And then I just give up.

I think the key here is to write something every day and to remember that some days are going to be prolific while others aren’t and that’s ok.

And even if you don’t hit 50,000 words, the goal is to write as much as you can. If I could hit 40,000 words, that would be good for me. I’ve never done that much in a month before. And 40,000 words is two short novellas. There is nothing wrong with that.

Tomorrow my plan is to write Client Story #2 – all of it. I have done it many times before. Writing 5,000 words in a day is not really a huge thing for me when I get focused. I am going to try to get up at a decent time and write. Then do something else. Then write some more.

On top of the 5,000 words that I have planned tomorrow, I also need to do a crap load of cleaning. My kids are coming for Thanksgiving weekend (yes, it is in October in Canada – when it should be!) and I’m not quite ready. So tomorrow is going to be a very busy day. If I can get it all done it will be a minor miracle!

Thursday-Sunday will be very low word counts and I won’t have time for much so I think on Sunday I’ll likely do one update and post the word counts for those days.

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