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Things On My Mind #1

I find that a lot of the time I don’t really feel like writing a whole blog post but have a bunch of really small things I want to say so I think I am going to start a new “series” here on my blog….called “Things On My Mind” obviously.  They’ll be short. They might be interesting. They might not be.  So here goes… #1 | I posted on Facebook yesterday that I love my job (waitressing).  And I do.  But by no means do I consider it to be permanent.  I’m still going to find a way to write my ass off and publish and make money doing it.  It’s the only thing I’ve ever really wanted to do with my life.  I’m just a little torn now as to what I want to write.  I have a fabulous idea for a sci-fi/fantasy/post-apocalyptic novel. I mean, it is a great idea.  But I also write steamy romance stuff really well.  I have no idea how I come up with my ideas. So, the writing thing? It’s still happening. #2 | There is a cat – actually two of them I think – living in my garage.  Despite the fact that I already have 3 cats, I really want to catch them and bring them inside.  My cats would freak out.  But I feel so bad for those kitties!...

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My Christmas Tree Is Up! #minormiracle

Seriously, the fact that my Christmas tree is up and decorated is a minor miracle. You see, I’m not a really Christmasy person.  I would like to be but…I’m not.  Sometimes I do try though. This year I actually bought a new tree (our old one was literally many decades old.  I’m sure it was older than me!). I bought new decorations.  I wanted something nice. And today I got it put up.  I think it looks decent.  Most of the decorations are simple but I love the little owls that I bought...

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