Author: dani

Things on My Mind #2

    So, it is Christmas Eve and I have the day off to do…well, nothing.  I mean, I have things I can do and things I should do but let’s be honest.  I’m not doing anything special.  I’m sitting here drinking lemon tea (how come no one ever told me this tastes like NeoCitran without the mediciney taste? Yum!) and browsing through social media accounts (my Facebook refuses to scroll and it is pissing me off) so I thought I would jot down a few things.  Here goes. Things on my mind… Someone shared a post about how Premier Trudeau and his family are going on a vacation for Christmas to some place where and likely expensive.  The video of the post suggested that he should not be doing this. Why? Because he’s the Premiere? So what should he be doing instead? Staying home? Maybe voluteering in a soup kitchen? Why should he be any different than anyone else that has money to do something fun and enjoyable? Should I be any madder at him than I am at a Facebook friend that has just spent a massive amount of money renovating her home with all new furniture and new paint and new flooring and new kitchen cabinets and so on? Ok, I’m a little annoyed that I have to see it on Facebook but I’m not mad....

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