People go to school to learn about marketing and they learn marketing online from self-taught gurus. I wouldn’t say that either one is better or worse than the other. It is what you do with the information that you take in that makes the difference.

And sometimes it is how long you do what you’ve learned that makes the difference.

Have you ever learned or thought of a new marketing strategy, decided you wanted to give it a try, implemented it on a site and then promptly forgot about it? It didn’t work very well did it?

That’s the thing with marketing strategies. You need to give them time to work. Very few legitimate marketing techniques see success immediately. You need to do it over and over again to see it work.

For example:

Facebook: You decide to start a Facebook page for your business. You get some pictures added, all the critical information, start linking to your site. You might even add some relevant links. You get a couple fans (maybe a couple dozen) and then you get busy with something else and it sits there. Then you remember you have this Facebook page so you go back a week or two later and throw up some updates. A couple more weeks go by before you return.

Your Facebook page is not going to have success if you are not consistent. You need to return every day to let your fans know that you are worth following. You need to converse with them – ask them questions, get them to share their links, compliment and challenge them. And you need to be on that page at least once a day. A couple days pass and they forget about you. A couple of weeks pass and they are asking themselves why they liked your page in the first place and looking for the “unlike” button!

The biggest mistake you can make in your marketing is NOT using your marketing strategy for a long enough period. If you give up on in within a week or even within a month you will never know if it would have been successful or not!

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