About Me

me caricatureSo, you want to know who I am do you?  🙂

I’m a mom, a grandmother, a wife, and a friend to three cats. I’ve always been a prolific reader (I remember when we would go camping when I was a kid, my dad used to get so mad because I only wanted to sit and read instead of going on hikes or boating or whatever) and I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember.

Dani, The Blogger

I’ve always loved blogging.  From my first online blog at diary-x, to blogspot, to WordPress, I’ve had a lot of blogs. I created this one to be more like a fun, personal blog – a cross between Tumblr and other social outlets, and The Bloggess (I wish I was as popular as  her!)

A lot of the stuff you see here will be funny or inspirational.  Sometimes you’ll see pure rambles. And other times I’ll post about my ebooks.

Dani, The Writer

For the past 8 years I have been making money from my writing.  Most of it has been non-fiction writing that I get paid for by webmasters or bloggers that have their own sites and don’t want to write the content themselves or can’t write the content themselves. I have written some fiction – but nothing that I want to have under my own name.

What I’ve always wanted to write is novels.  Full novels with characters that you can connect with, cry with, get excited with, and become friends with.

The best books I’ve read are books that I go back to time and time again.  They have characters that feel like friends to me.  When I re-read one of those books it feels like I am going home.  One writer that has influenced me is Rosamunde Pilcher. She’s written quite a few books but the ones I have truly loved are The Shell Seekers and Winter Solstice. I’ve read those books so many times.  I do know exactly what is going to happen – but I like that.  I like picking up one of the books and opening it to a random spot and just starting to read.  It’s like re-living a memory.

So, I hope that this is the kind of books that I will write for you. I hope that you will connect with Ripley and Linc, the main characters in my first books, and feel with them.  I hope that you will want more of them.  I hope that you will fall in love with their stories.



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