I’ve been reading a lot of blogs recently.

About making a living working from home.  About being location independent.  About writing.

And it just reinforces in my mind that I really need to get back to that. I need to get back to doing what I love full time.  For my own sanity.

I’ve taken the first step.  I finished my internship and I’m now a full writer at Inquisitr.  But I have to do some work if I want to keep it because they do have guidelines and you have to stick to them.  I need to improve on the performance of my articles.  And part of that means I need to write more frequently.

Not that I don’t want to.  I can write as much as I want so the earning potential is definitely there.  But ya, there’s definitely some effort involved.

I also want to get my ass in gear and get more fiction published.  I published something new for the first time in ages.  New pen name, new genre.  It’s meant to be a serial. And one of the keys of having a successful serial story is that you need to publish frequently.  You can’t just publish one part a month – unless they are longer parts.  But I’m aiming at 10,000 words or so per part so I really would like to publish one a week.

I was planning on publishing part 2 of this serial last Friday. I’m only 1000 words into it, so that didn’t happen. 🙁  But I know if I’m working from home full time again I can do that.  And I think this series has the potential to do really well.  It has great characters and a great cover (I think) and a great story.

My goal is to get back to this writing full time business by September.  And if I can just pull myself together and start writing more I know I can do it.

I have to – for my sanity!

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