Life is not always moving forward.

If we all had constant forward momentum, life would just get better and better each day.  That’s not the way life works though.

Sometimes we have to take a couple steps backwards now so that later, we’ll be able to move forward.

Sometimes we have to get off the path so that we can see a clearer picture of the journey we have been taking.  It gives us the chance to examine what has been working and what hasn’t.  It gives us time to reflect on our mistakes.

If we just keep plodding along, one heavy step after another, it slows our progress and can make our journey seem even longer.

There’s no shame in stepping back a bit to take care of business before we move forward.  Sometimes we need to step back to repeat steps so we can do them better.  Sometimes we need to take a couple steps back so that we can see the path that is ahead of us with new eyes.  Sometimes we need to stop in our tracks and back up a bit an re-do a lesson so that we are better equipped for the trials and challenges that are to come.

Don’t let ANYONE tell you that taking a couple steps back is a bad move.  It rarely is.

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